Magnum Double Door Aluminium 8ft x 10ft

The Magnum Greenhouse is supplied with 4ft wide double doors, which are very convenient and allow room for easy access. The aluminium framing used is durable in any weather conditions and is made with emphasis on strength, this ensures this spacious and stylish greenhouse is completely safe. It is complete with integral gutters and 4 roof vents.

Full 8FT Range Available

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A = Base width: 2,560mm (8ft4)
B = Length: 3,182mm (10ft5)
C = Eaves height: 1,550mm (5ft1)
D = Ridge height: 2,390mm (7ft10)
E = Door width: 1,210mm (3ft11)
F = Door height: 1,755mm (5ft9

Popular Aluminium Greenhouse 6ft x 8ft

The popular range of greenhouse is perfect for any gardener, whether you are a beginner or an enthusiastic amateur. The popular is the ideal starter greenhouse with a solid aluminium frame which can be adapted for extra ventilation or a painted finish. If you are just beginning in gardening and are looking for a simplistic greenhouse the popular is the answer.

Full 6FT Range Available

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A = Base width: 1,920mm (6ft3).
B = Length: 2,542mm (8ft4).
C = Eaves height: 1,320mm (4ft3).
D = Ridge height: 2,060mm (6ft9).
E = Door width: 600mm (1ft11).
F = Door height: 1,745mm (5ft8)

Other sizes available on request*

Replacement glass and replacement parts available on request*