Composite Fencing

Composite fencing is quick and easy.

The unique finish of composite fencing will add beauty and complement a gardens natural surroundings. These surprisingly light panels are incredibly strong, which allows for easy handling and transportation.

Composite fencing can be used with existing posts, simply remove the old wooden panels from the previous concrete posts and then slot in the new gravel boards in place. In a matter of minutes you will have a maintenance free fence that is easily installed and never needs treated.

Unlike traditional wooden fences, composite fencing has a dual face which means it has the same appearance on both sides, so you can also share the cost with neighbours. The wood grain is manufactured from 75% recycled materials, so if you choose to use this product you are assured that you are protecting the worlds natural resources and helping the environment.

At around 5kgs per gravel board, composite fencing is not only a pleasure to work with it is also incredibly strong, therefore allows for easy handling and transportation.

• 1.8m
• 2.4m
• 2.7m
Decorative Caps
• Flat Cap
• Acorn Cap
• Globe Cap
Composite Fencing
• 1.828m
• 2.438m
Gravel Boards have a height of 300mm. The boards are them stacked to the required height.